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Performance Management for Today's Leaders

  • Valley River Inn 1000 Valley River Way Eugene, OR, 97401 United States (map)

Performance is the reason we have staff, yet often managers are reluctant to use the word with their staff! The way people define “performance management” is all over the place too, from “the thing we do when people are failing” to “that thing we do at the end of the year that everyone dreads.” 

This presentation offers a practical alternative to consider when looking at performance and how to manage it.  The key is for managers to see performance management as an ongoing cycle that results in a no-surprise evaluation at the end of the year.  In order to achieve this, all people-managers should operate as coaches.  Not in the rah-rah, “go team” sense, but in their management practices and ability to have two-way dialogue.

Managers and HR pros will walk away from this presentation with a clear picture of the ongoing cycle and the key practices to establish:

  • Set goals and expectations so people know what “good” looks like

  • Provide necessary support and guidance, tailored to each employee’s needs

  • Give ongoing positive and negative feedback so people know where they stand

  • Conduct periodic and annual review of performance

Good coaching and ongoing performance management result in … well, results!

Speaker: Christine Silver from Silver Business Solutions

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