LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Application

The LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Fund is designed to support and advance LCHRA’s mission. It is intended to provide opportunities for those with a financial need (e.g. unemployed, underemployed, employer unable to fund, etc.) with a commitment to the field of HR, through continued professional development, retention of HR certification, continued membership through SHRM/LCHRA, or attendance at monthly LCHRA membership meetings.

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By submitting this application, I understand and agree to the following (1) this scholarship is for approved event registration fees or an annual SHRM membership, (2) I am responsible for and am able to cover the time, travel, lodging, meals, and incidentals not covered by the scholarship, (3) if for some unforeseen reason I am unable to attend the requested event, I will notify the LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Committee as soon as possible, and (4) this scholarship is only transferrable with the permission of LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Committee. Please type your first and last name.