LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Fund


The LCHRA Professional Development Scholarship Fund is designed to support and advance LCHRA’s mission. It is intended to provide opportunities for those with a financial need (e.g. unemployed, underemployed, employer unable to fund, etc.) with a commitment to the field of HR, through continued professional development, retention of HR certification, continued membership through SHRM/LCHRA, or attendance at monthly LCHRA membership meetings.


Scholarships are awarded based on financial need (30%) and demonstrated active service or involvement in LCHRA, and/or the local HR community (70%). Funds awarded offer total or partial coverage of registration fees to specific regional conferences, conventions, or monthly LCHRA membership meetings as specified by the LCHRA Board of Directors, or an annual SHRM membership. Scholarships are awarded on an ongoing basis, as individual conferences and events occur, or at expiration of SHRM membership. Any additional expenses such as travel, lodging, and incidentals are to be paid by the recipient and are not part of awarded scholarship.


You must be a SHRM member in good standing, with LCHRA designated as your primary chapter. An online application must be completed (see below), including a description of why the financial need exists. Scholarship submissions for events must be submitted no later than two (2) weeks prior to the event date. Scholarship submissions for SHRM Membership must be submitted two (2) months prior to expiration of membership.


Individuals will be awarded no more than $599 each calendar year. Registrations will generally be paid directly to the event organizers; however, if a scholarship recipient had previously registered for an event and was subsequently awarded a scholarship for that event, LCHRA will pay the designated amount directly to the individual.


Two (2) weeks prior to an approved event by the LCHRA Board of Directors or two (2) months prior to expiration of a SHRM membership. See the application for current listing of approved events. Notice regarding approved events will be provided in the weekly LCHRA Communication email and at the monthly LCHRA membership meeting.


Scholarships are not renewable and are transferrable only with permission from the LCHRA Professional Development Committee.